During a time of compounded crisis, from environmental, social, racial, and economic drought, Ana stands by her eighteen-year-old son, Marcos, as he decides to work in the fields together with other migrant workers. Experiments in Freedom is a lyrical meditation that retells the stories of being young in a world of limited (or no) opportunities in rural parts of the USA with a clarion call for present-day action.


Marcos Campos

Ana Maria Fabian Lomeli

Antonio Guzman

Director: Yehuda Sharim

Original Music: Federico Llach

Sound Art: Scott Szabo    

Color: Frederick Trevino, Beambox Studio

Subtitles: Arianna Marino

Spanish Translation: Juana Navarro 

Admin Assistant: Taara Clarke

Production Assistants: Alondra Martinez and Oscar Montero Hernandez

Producer: Elizabeth Michelle Lopez

Executive Producer: Sharim Studio


HD-Digital, Color

‍Filmed in: Merced, CA and Delhi, CA

Year: 2022

Running time: 01:08:25

‍Ratio: 16:9

Digital frame rate: 23.976

‍Screening format: Blue-Ray, DCP, DVD

‍Language: English and Spanish

Subtitles: English